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Since 1984

SwallowTech is a leading provider of software solutions to the financial services industry. We offer a range of integrated solutions that ensure the highest levels of ‘straight through processing’ (STP) and operational efficiency, whilst minimising risks and costs.

Our Solutions

Cash & Liquidity Management

Cash Reconciliation

Treasury Markets Confirmations

Securities Markets Reconciliation

Generic Reconciliation

Investigation & Exception Management

Anti-Money Laundering

Duplicates Detection

Messages Archiving

How we differ?

The reality with many software vendors is they offer a system or a product and badge it as a solution.

What is the difference? At SwallowTech, we believe a product or system is what many vendors have to sell and a solution is what a customer wants to buy. Bridging this divide is something that we specialize in and achieved by fully establishing our clients’ needs and desires; knowing the markets in which they operate; and understanding their particular business processes and transaction flows.

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