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Modular Solutions


Our suite of applications from SwallowTech presents a set of fully integrated, functionality-rich modules to provide the highest levels of automation and operational efficiency in the areas of reconciliation, matching, investigation and SWIFT Alliance Access ® plug-ins modules.


SwallowTech at your disposal with over

30 years of expertise in these fields.

Software Development & Technical Aspects


J2EE (Java) technology is recognised as one of the preferred development technologies nowadays and offers many benefits, such as such database independency (Oracle ®, Microsoft SQL Server ®...), recognised industry standards of security and ease of integration.


Scalability of the system can be achieved through load balancing and clustering.


User access is through an Internet browser.


The system integrates in all environments and interfaces with other existing systems and can be adapted to the bank needs.


The Plug-in modules integrate themselves into SWIFT Alliance Access ® platform to be able to control all incoming and outgoing messages and also supports a large number of connectors such as files, database, IBM MQ, Web service, sockets, …) and any other text format (plat, XML, Excel, SWIFT, …).


Our applications can be installed on Windows 2008 or UNIX Server platforms and Windows 7/8 workstation clients.

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