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Software development
Workshops and reality checks
Software Development

For customers who wish to customise our software, or wish to build software to their own specification, our teams of experienced developers are on hand to respond to your needs. This may take the form of an entire bespoke solution development not related to our software.



Our consultants plan, project, manage and assist in the implementation of our software. Each of our consultants has many years of experience in both banking and computers. Their in-depth knowledge means that they offer a wide range of skills to our customers over and beyond implementing systems.

Workshops and Reality Checks


Workshops and Reality Checks take place each time new modules are installed or the software is upgraded. This ensures that our customers are using our software to its fullest capacity thus maximising their investment and its efficiency.



We have a complete range of training courses to complement our software. Qualified technicians from SwallowTech perform all installations. This requirement provides the guarantee of maximum effectiveness in terms of knowledge and experience with a minimum loss of time. Also, training programs can be custom-built, to meet the needs of an individual customer if required.

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