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How we differ?


With SwallowTech
No Customer
is just another customer

The reality with many software vendors is they offer a system or a product and badge it as a solution.

What is the difference? 


At SwallowTech, we believe a product or system is what many vendors have to sell and a solution is what a customer wants to buy. Bridging this divide is something that we specialize in and achieved by fully establishing our clients’ needs and desires; knowing the markets in which they operate; and understanding their particular business processes and transaction flows. 


Each member of our business team has on average over 10 years industry experience in areas such as Cash Management; Confirmation Matching, Reconciliations, Exception Management and S.W.I.F.T. Alliance Access.


Combine this with the experiences and knowledge gained through an extensive customer base, SwallowTech offers a unique and enviable perspective on the markets in which we operate. This establishes us as a solution provider and allows our customers to buy with confidence.  After all, would a customer feel comfortable buying a car from someone who has never learned to drive?


The key to any system is not so much STP, (Straight Through Processing) rather than how it handles exceptions when they do occur!

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