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SwallowTech is a leading provider of software solutions to the financial services industry.


We have branches in London (Head Office), Brussels and Tunisia as well as several agents worldwide. Our customer base extends to more than 150 installations, ranging from a single user set-up through to global processing hubs with 400+ concurrent users.


We offer a range of integrated solutions that ensure the highest levels of ‘straight through processing’ (STP) and operational efficiency, whilst minimising risks and costs.


SwallowTech acquired the following companies and their solutions:

  • PLACID, S.A. with their CARAT™ modular system in 2005

  • MONRO with their SMATCH™ modular system in 2006


We merged all the SMART™, CARAT™ and SMATCH™ applications into a single new Java application (J2EE) while collecting the best of each and bringing new ideas and features to this new platform, making it even more rich, flexible and "User-friendly ".

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