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Archiving of SWIFT/Any Messages

SWIFT Alliance Access™ Plug-in


Retrieving instantly and easily on a very long time database any of your SWIFT (or any) messages is a major challenge facing financial institutions. SMART-Arc allows the users to archive all types of messages from any kind of interfaces. Messages can have any kind of formats: SWIFT, XML, LIMITED, FIXED, OTHER... and can come from any connectors: FILES, MQ, Real-time SWIFT Alliance Access plug-in, TCP/IP network (sockets)... It can also archive old SWIFT “Back-up” messages stored into MEAR-files.
For each archived message SMART-Arc will record as search keys, all message fields such as amounts, currencies, dates, references, ordering customers, beneficiaries, BICS ... Those fields are extracted from the original message and then are available for any kind of investigation. A series of reports and statistical data are available to serve as a dashboard and give the user a clear idea about the situation of transactions stored in its database. Powerful quick and advanced search capabilities are available to extract data stored inside a huge database. The most common queries can be saved in the system and recalled at any moment. The user can send emails with the content of searched messages. He can also generate messages into text files that could be exploited by other applications.
A complete maintenance facility is provided to define all needed details such as: retention period for live and history, groups of messages, i.e. “SWIFT 1xx” group for queries, message field configuration. All the message types (SWIFT or not) configured in the SMART-Input integrator module are available for the field configuration in this area. You can then choose which message type and which fields, already pre-configured by SMART-Input, to be available as searching criteria. All the required SWIFT messages are already pre-configured by the installer and are dully updated through your maintenance contract with SwallowTech each time the standards change.
Advanced Search
The SMART-Arc facilities allow users to proceed to detailed investigations inside the messages archived in the database. The search selection screen is similar to other SMART search facilities. The same operators and behaviours are used, except on the criterion that are specific to the SMART-Arc module.
SWIFT messages are transferred throughout the day, quickly after their reception. In this way, the messages will be loaded directly and almost in real time in the archive without the intervention of an operator. If the transaction is loaded from a file, the screen indicates the files name, the loading date and time.
SMART-Arc also can archive messages from SWIFT “back-up” archived files (MEAR files) daily as well as re-load older back-ups. All message fields such as amounts, currencies, dates, references, ordering customers, beneficiaries, BICS ... are extracted from the original message and then available for any kind of investigation.
Detail search in SWIFT Alliance message history is implemented with the same criteria as in Alliance, but on a longer period and from standard bank workstations (secure access limited by SwallowTech).
As for the majority of SMART Applications, there are Statistics Reports. For example, “Statistics by Correspondent” report is used to calculate the total of the amount sent to and received from each correspondent and currency. The “Transfers” report is used to calculate the outgoing and incoming transfers related to a given messages’ group. All output reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and CSV format.
  • Long term database with all your messages

  • Search parameters allowing you to easily find any information at any time

  • User-friendly work queues and menus

  • Complete range of Statistics & Reports for audit

  • Logs

  • Export to CSV, Excel & PDF and Printer

  • Minimal impact on the integration process into any environment

  • High security levels (profiles menu access, data access, etc.)

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