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Anti-Money Laundering

SWIFT Alliance Access™ Plug-in


Money laundering represents a growing risk to the financial community.
In order to be able to control its business and better manage its activities, a company needs to know its commercial relationships by checking the evolution of its clients/employees behavior and identifying the nature and the cycle of all financial transactions day-by-day.
Financial institutions are responsible for performing checks, screenings and reporting’s, as well as identifying and denounce any suspect transaction, while at the same time providing an efficient and reliable service to their customers.
With government regulations and laws administering targeted foreign countries economic sanctions, drug traffickers and international terrorists, regularly changing, you need a complete solution in the area of​​compliance, meeting all requirements laws and regulations as well as international standards and practices. SMART-AML provides an end-to-end AML solution, integrated with the core of banking platform. It is based on the effectiveness of dedicated, automated transaction monitoring systems, together with the introduction of the Risk Based Approach (RBA).
SMART-AML meets, among others, the following objectives:
  • Real-time Payment Screening: Tracking down and screening in real time any payment order before their execution, in order to prevent making funds transactions that risks any managing order violation, foreclosures and other measures
  • Transaction Monitoring: The automated process of monitoring transactions upstream or downstream of their execution allows the identification of unusual/ suspicious transactions, including monitoring single transactions as well as transaction flows, for subsequent review and, where appropriate, the reporting to the relevant authorities
  • Client Screening (KYC): In order to better segment the clients and answer to due diligence obligations imposed in AML matters, this module collects all the clients’ information and their transactions and makes analysis based on consistency checking rules and triggers the appropriate alerts
  • Automatic compliance: with national and international regulations (including watch lists)
  • Retroactive Searches: The identification and linking of current and archived transactions, as well as existing and closed accounts/relationships, in order to undertake due diligence and respond to external (e.g., regulatory) enquires


Flexible Rules and Risk-based Approach
SMART-AML is based on a large and flexible set of rules and profiles in addition to a risk scoring models which strongly depend on the institutions business model, the products and services it offers and the nature of its customer base. We believe that risk-based approach enhances the effectiveness of monitoring for unusual and potentially suspicious activity, to the extent that such activity is distinguishable from legitimate activity. In all cases the objective is to focus on monitoring the most unusual and potentially suspicious transactions whilst reducing, as far as possible, the “false/positive” rate.
Customer Due Diligence Tools (KYC)
SMART-AML implements the Customer Due Diligence principle which is an important tool of risk identification and assessment in the AML software to detect suspect entities trying to infiltrate a financial system.
It provides tools such as:
  • List Screening: to determine if an applicant appears in any kind of published lists, Black lists and internal Watch lists
  • KYC Compliance: Compliance evaluations (Know Your Customer) to supervise the observance levels of the national and international regulation. Customer accounts are scanned regularly to detect potential red flag that requires the triggering of alerts
  • Reduction of manual effort to detect fraudulent messages

  • Black lists (OFAC, ONU, UE, BKEN...) as well as PPE lists are automatically downloaded from their respective suppliers’ websites and integrated into the application by using the scheduled tasks

  • Due Intelligent Accounts and Transactions Profiling

  • Manages all financial flow: international transactions, payments/ national transfers …

  • Filters & Scenarios

  • User-friendly work queues and menus

  • "4 Eyes" verification process

  • Alerts on processes (po-up, emails)

  • Search parameters allowing you to easily find any information at any time

  • Complete range of Statistics & Reports for audit

  • Logs

  • Export to CSV, Excel & PDF and Printer

  • Minimal impact on the integration process into any environment

  • High security levels (profiles menu access, data access, etc.)

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