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Cash Reconciliation
Cash Management & Customer Status



Regardless of the volume, our Cash Reconciliation system is optimised for the reconciliation of daily transactions.  Real-time input feeds and multiple matching processes for different accounts can run simultaneously to boost performance.
Also, several users working on the same account can examine offered matches and/or outstanding items even while the matching process is running in the background. Reconciliation is Statement-to-Ledger or Ledger-to-Ledger, “1- to-1", "1-to-Many” or “Many-to-Many”.
The application is designed to perform the management of overdrafts by the calculation of interest and charges compensation, and it includes an automatic follow-up inspection mechanism on older outstanding items for follow-up completion.
Interfaces automatically load these message types directly into our application. Manual input facilities are available for any statement received under non-electronic format. Files containing accounting data and data coming from your correspondents are placed in the input directories specified in the application’s parameters, or they can be received via MQ. The messages are handled by a loader process that can be configured to be automatically or manually run. Our application will monitor the arrival of files to load in accordance with the schedule parameters.
Our application performs status verification during the data loading stage to check if the files were properly processed or, on failure, indicate possible causes of the problem. Furthermore, the system checks the consistency of the data, avoiding duplicate input and suspends pages from the reconciliation process should there be a problem with the integrity of the items’ amounts in relation to the opening and closing balances.
  • Reduction of manual effort

  • Increased operational control

  • User-friendly work queues and menus

  • Flexible matching quality parameters

  • Integrated tools to increase the results of automatic reconciliation

  • Highlight all exceptions

  • Integrated Follow-up tool

  • Link to our SMART-Resolve module for Investigations & Exceptions Management

  • Search parameters allowing you to easily find any information at any time

  • Proof balance calculation & control of balances

  • Interest calculation

  • Charges compensation tool + report

  • Complete range of Statistics & Reports for audit

  • Logs

  • Export to Excel & PDF and Printer

  • Minimal impact on the integration process into any environment

  • Compliance with S.W.I.F.T. standards

  • High security levels (profiles menu access, data access, etc.)

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