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Treasury Markets Confirmations Matching



The Forex Confirmations Matching module is an automated three-way matching solution for treasury and derivative confirmations.
Confirmations and statuses received from a variety of sources including brokers (voice/electronic), trading counterparts and CLS are automatically compared to the institution’s own trade details, immediately highlighting errors and exceptions.
The three-way matching of FOREX confirmations includes the following sides:
  • (THEIR) Counterparty Confirmation
  • (OUR) Our Confirmation
  • (BROKER) Broker Confirmation
  • (CLS) CLS Confirmation
BROKER side information can often be used in lieu of an absent or late arriving counterparty confirmation. They can also be directly compared with any outstanding counterparty confirmations, thereby highlighting missing or late arriving (OUR side) transactions.
CLS status information can be received by the system enabling problems, such as rescinded trades or other CLS exceptions, to be investigated immediately and with the benefit of having any associated counterparty and broker confirmations at hand.
Regardless of the volume, our application is optimised for the matching of daily transactions.  Real time input and multiple matching processes for different counterparties can run simultaneously to boost performance. Also, several users working on the same counterparty can examine offered matches and/or outstanding items even while the matching process is running in the background.
The application is designed to perform brokerage calculation. Brokerage can be calculated and validated using either BROKER or OUR confirmations reducing manual effort and highlighting over-charging immediately. It also includes an automatic follow-up inspection mechanism on older outstanding items for follow-ups completion.
  • Reduction of manual effort

  • Increased operational control

  • User-friendly work queues and menus

  • Flexible matching quality parameters

  • Highlight all exceptions

  • Integrated Follow-up tool

  • Link to our SMART-Resolve module for Investigations & Exceptions Management

  • Search parameters allowing you to easily find any information at any time

  • Brokerage report calculation

  • Feedback status file with all matched confirmations in order to release payments

  • Cash Search from past value outstanding confirmation to check that the funds were received on Nostro Account

  • Complete range of Statistics & Reports for audit

  • Export to Excel & PDF

  • Minimal impact on the integration process into any environment

  • Compliance with S.W.I.F.T. standards

  • High security levels (profiles menu access, data access, etc.)

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